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Since October 2007, an inter-ministerial coordination meeting in the Executive Yuan reached the resolution on December 31st, 2007 through Council of Labor Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration, and National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior announcing that the original regulations for listing classification of substances labeling are applicable for the first phase chemicals substances of the GHS system. Thus, the Council of Labor Affairs announced on December 19, 2007, ”Notice of Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Substances Labeling and General Rules ” which the first phase of appropriate use of chemicals comes to a total of 1062 substances under the GHS system. Also, four years after implementation in January 2011, an announcement 1089 substances of the appropriate chemicals of the GHS system was declared.

Together with the Government for the promotion of chemicals GHS system, LLH gradually converted its original nine categories of material safety data sheet in accordance with the specification of “hazardous materials and hazardous substance labeling and general rules” at the end of 2007 into new editions of material Safety Data Sheet of chemicals GHS system. At the same time, LLH referred to the Council of Labor Affairs’ global chemical data and systems’ website, and successfully converted to the GHS version while continuing to add new products.