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Ground Freezing

During the last two decades soil freezing with liquid nitrogen (LIN) has developed from an exotic gas application with lots of uncertainties into a standard procedure for treating unstable soil and leakages.

Using this process in combination with our experts results in numerous advantages:
  • The set-up of a LIN-freezing plant can be done quickly as large quantities of specialized hardware are available in stock
  • The investments for a LIN freezing plant is only a fraction of the amount to install a brine freezing unit
  • The temperature of the frozen soil is substantially lower compared to the use of a brine freezing plant, which increases stability
  • The low temperature of LIN (-196°C or -320.80oF) allows freezing in about 4 to 7 days which is substantially faster than brine freezing process which can easily take a month
  • Environmental friendly process, no hazardous substances, no vibrations and no ground water pollution or extraction
  • Automatically working process
  • Flexible in design of frozen soil
  • Combination of sealing and static support
  • High tolerance to soil humidity (5 – 100%)
  • Frozen soil is 100% watertight, there is no leakage
  • The hardness of frozen soil is comparable to concrete
  • The solidification of the soil is only temporary. After shutting down the LIN-supply the frozen soil will melt in a few weeks.