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Acetylene for Chemical Synthesis

The synthetic potential of acetylene paves the way to various applications in the chemical industry, e. g. for production of perfume components, vitamins, polymer additives, solvents and surface active compounds.

With special care taken to synthetic prescriptions, an appropriate adaptation of the purity profile is possible in most cases by proper combination of production technology and cylinder specification.

Providing demand analysis for a tailored supply conception, engineering and design of the supply system, hardware construction, installation and start-up, safety instructions of operating staff and the inspection and maintenance services, with decades of experience regarding all aspects of secure acetylene handling, e. g. cylinder preparation, transportation, selection of materials and control equipment, Linde LienHwa is the right partner for you.

Hydrogenation of Oil & Fat

Edible oils can become rancid when exposed to oxygen. The challenge lies in stabilising these oils to increase their shelf life.

One way of achieving this is through hydrogenation. This involves chemically converting fatty acids to reduce the number of double bonds. In practical terms, hydrogenated oil is far more shelf-stable and will not go rancid as quickly as untreated oil. It also has a higher melting point, making it ideal for frying and pastry-making.