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Carbon dioxide is the most frequently used industrial gas in the beverages industry. It is dissolved in drinks to create the well-known 'fizz' effect.

We deliver food-grade carbon dioxide sourced from both natural wells and industrial facilities that complies with all relevant food guidelines.

During carbonation, carbon dioxide is added to the liquid in a carbonator, where vaporized carbon dioxide is mixed under pressure with temperature-controlled water. Syrup, sweetener and other ingredients are then added to create the final product.

Enhancing Greenhouse Growth

Greenhouse facilities allow growers to produce plants all year round and meet consumer demands for out-of-season fruits and vegetables. While you may continue to look for ways to increase harvest yields and push per-crop profits.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by enriching the greenhouse atmosphere with pure carbon dioxide, as this gas – along with light and water – is essential for plant growth.

Oxygenation in Aquiculture

To meet rising demand for seafood worldwide, more and more fishes have to be raised in fish farms. Aquaculture is an essential link in the agricultural chain as it protects the oceans from further over-fishing and produces healthy food with extremely high feed conversion efficiency.

As fishes absorb oxygen through direct contact with water, dissolved oxygen is the most important factor in achieving good results in fish farming. The current trend in intensive culture systems is to aim for a high stocking density at low water consumption per kilogram of biomass. This cannot be achieved without oxygen. Through oxygenation of the water, fish and seafood farmers can protect their stock against oxygen deficiencies during peak consumption and growth periods.

Adequate oxygen levels in the water at all times not only ensure growth, they also promote health, appetite and general well-being of the fish. Oxygen also helps to reduce the effects of temperature-induced stress in fishes.