You are at Linde LienHwa Industrial Gases in Taiwan
1965   Built Wu-Du and Chia-Yi gases plants.
1969   Built Sin-Zu gases plant.
1972   Built KaoShiung gases plant.
1973   Formed LHLOX joint venture with Minnesota Valley Equipment.
1977   Built Su-Lin and Kang-San gases plants.
1978   Built Sou-Kon gases plant.
1979   Built Tai-Chung gases plant.
1980   Built Chung-Li gases plant.
    Formed Lien Hwa Commonwealth Corporation.
1981   Built Su-Oi gases plant.
1983   Built Lin-Yuan gases plant.
1985   Formed BOC Lienhwa Industrial Gases joint venture with British Oxygen Co.
1988   Formed Far East Industrial Gases joint venture with Sanfu Chemical.
    Formed United Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. (UIGC) joint venture with 9 semiconductor fabs in Hsinchu Science Park .
1994   Formed Lienhwa United LPG .
1997   Formed Yuan Rong Industrial Gases.
2000   Formed TaiChung Harbor Branch Office
2007   Purchased Asia Union Electronic Chemical Corporation.
2008   Formed Blue Sea Industrial Gases joint venture with Air Product
2009   Purchased Hon Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd.